98% Of iPad Owners Are Satisfied

Given all of the reports in the news as of late about problems with the iPad, it’s easy to see why people might be dissatisfied with the device. After all, reported problems with Wi-Fi reception, display issues and possibly overheating are nothing to sneeze at. Yet, that’s not the case here as the new iPad reportedly has a very high¬†satisfaction¬†rating.

According to research released this week by ChangeWave Research, 98% of all iPad owners surveyed are at least satisfied with the iPad. This is further broken down into levels of satisfaction, with a reported 82% of users identifying themselves as being “very satisfied” with the new device, while another 16% report that they are somewhat satisfied with the new iPad. As we said, considering the reported iPad problems, this is surprising news and means that the problems are most likely isolated incidents that don’t affect the overall quality of the iPad.


How does this compare to the new iPad’s older brother the iPad 2? Quite favorably, as it turns out. While the new iPad has a 98% satisfaction rate, the iPad 2 had a 97% satisfaction rate. Now, when looking at just the overall satisfaction rate, that might not seem like a big difference; however, when you see that the iPad 2 only had a 74% very satisfied rating, the difference is quite a bit bigger and amounts to an 8% increase in satisfaction.

What’s interesting is that ChangeWave took things a bit further and asked users about the reported heat problems. A whopping 89% of those surveyed said that they haven’t experienced overheating or, if they have, it’s not a problem. Roughly 4% said it was somewhat of a problem, while 7% said it wasn’t much of a problem at all. This again points toward the new iPad’s supposed overheating problems as being isolated problems or defects with the iPad.

With so many satisfied iPad owners, we’re inclined to believe that the new iPhone 5 will receive the same level of satisfaction, if not higher.

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