Apple Appeal to Suspend Germany Motorola Ban Denied

It seems that the German courts might not like Apple as much as the rest of the world, as they’ve dealt another blow to the popular company. According to FOSS Patents writer Florian Mueller, the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court this week denied Apple’s attempt to suspend an injunction that was previously imposed by Motorola. The injunction, which bans Apple’s push notifications from German iOS devices, was put in place in early February.,

Motorola is apparently very happy with the courts’ decision, as they said in a statement, “We are pleased with [Wednesday’s] ruling in Germany denying Apple’s motion to stay the injunction related to our push email patent. We will continue to protect our intellectual property.”

The injunction was granted after Motorola’s court case in April 2011, which concerned Apple possibly stealing Motorola’s data pushing technology. It took the courts in Germany many months to grant the Apple iOS push injunction, and it seems that now they’re very reluctant to change their mind about the injunction.


Apple, for their part, can appeal this decision again. However, given the fact that they’ve already lost this case twice, they’ll probably want to look closely at the case before they appeal again to ensure more success the next time around.

For German iOS owners, this is absolutely not a good thing as it will keep them from using push notifications on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. As most iOS owners know, these notifications play a big role in the overall functionality of the iOS operating system. So not only is this bad news for Apple; it’s also bad news for iOS owners in the country.

We expect Motorola and Apple to ultimately reach some sort of compromise in the matter, as Apple definitely wants to keep their German fans happy

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