Apple Conference Call To Discuss $100 Billion Cash Reserve

Fresh off the announcement earlier this week that Apple has roughly $100 billion in cash reserves, the company plans to hold a conference call at 9AM Monday morning to go over their finances as well as their future plans for the money.

According to an announcement posted on Apple’s website Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer will be hosting the conference call. During the conference call it is expected that they will go over their decisions as far as how best to use this rather large surplus of money. As the announcement notes, Apple will not be discussing their financial information for the current 2012 quarter–they’ll just be going over how the extra cash will be used.


So what will Apple do with the money? There’s a lot of theories going around right now and no one knows for certain. However, it’s possible that at least some of the money may be going to establish new Apple campuses–such as the planned one in Austin, TX. According to a news story earlier this week, the planned Apple campus in Austin will cost the company $304 million dollars, so it makes sense that at least part of their cash reserve may go to that cause.

It’s also possible that Apple may use the money to invest in another company and/or piece of technology that could perhaps be used in a current or future Apple product. As we’ve seen in the past, it’s not unusual for tech companies to help out other tech companies (such as when Microsoft saved Apple with a $150 million investment in 1997) so it wouldn’t be shocking for Apple to go that route.

For those in the press who are wanting to listen to the conference call, they can dial (877) 616-0063 and enter the confirmation code 592016. Others can listen to the conference¬†call¬†through Apple’s website.

Stick with for the latest information on Apple’s plans for the money.

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