Apple iPads With Wi-Fi Problems Get Replaced

Well, it’s been almost one month since the release of the new iPad, and we’ve already heard a lot about problems with the new iPad. Apple, for the most part, has come out and said that the iPad works fine and has denied any problems exist with the device…..until now, that is. It seems the iPad’s reported Wi-Fi problems are so pesky that Apple has been forced to not only acknowledge the problem, but also work to fix it.

According to a AppleCare document (an internal one, so Apple hasn’t come out publicly…..yet), Apple is looking at complaints that they have received regarding the Wi-Fi reception on the new iPad. The document further states that Apple will replace the iPad with one that is free of Wi-Fi problems. And those affected iPads will go straight back to Apple’s hardware engineers so that they can get to the root of the problem. Assuming the problem can be fixed, those iPads will probably end up refurbished down the line, though that’s just speculation on our part.


Curiously, Apple seems to think that the Wi-Fi reception problem only affects the Wi-Fi only iPads and not the 4G LTE iPad, as Apple is not specifying replacement for 4G LTE models. The AppleCare document identifies the symptoms of iPad Wi-Fi connection problems as being “Intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds, and Wi-Fi network not seen.”

As you might recall, reported last month on numerous reports of the new iPad having poor Wi-Fi reception. According to posts on the official Apple support forums, users were reporting that they could not connect to a Wi-Fi network even if it was right by, and if they could connect, the connection was very weak compared to their iPad 2.

What’s surprising is that Apple apparently still has no idea what’s causing the problem, or just how many people are experiencing it. Here’s hoping they’re able to figure out the problem fast and that it won’t reoccur on the iPhone 5.

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