Apple iPhone Used By 1/3 of U.S. Smartphone Users

It’s no secret that the Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the planet, but most would be surprised to know that the Apple iPhone is not the most popular smartphone (that title belongs to Android as of now). However, according to a newly released report by Nielsen, it looks like the iPhone is beginning to gain traction in its ever interesting battle with Android for smartphone¬†supremacy.

Although Android is still the leader of the smartphone pack with a whopping 48 percent of smartphone owners reporting ownership of an Android phone, the iPhone is starting to catch up. A reported 1/3 of of all U.S. smartphone owners (32.1 percent) are currently rocking an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S. That’s an impressive number when considering the fact that there are far more Android devices available than iPhones, due to the fact that many manufacturers are putting out Android devices each year.


It gets better, though: Apple is gaining ground in terms of new smartphone users. Of those considered to be new subscribers, the iPhone snagged 43 percent of the subscriptions (that’s up from the last report). Android, on the other hand, stayed at the same 48 percent mark they’ve been at for several months now.

It’s clear from this report that Android and Apple are the two top smartphone operating systems, so any hope RIM (BlackBerry) had of catching up is pretty much gone at this point as they’ve got only a 11.6 percent share.

So where does the Apple iPhone go from here? We’d expect the Apple iPhone to gain even more ground with the release of the iPhone 5. Now that the iPhone is available on all three major networks in the U.S., we think even more smartphone buyers will pick the iPhone 5 over Android phones, simply because the iPhone 5 will be easier to use than many Android phones. Most U.S. smartphone owners want a phone that simply works and is not complicated to use, and the iPhone 5 will likely be that phone.

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