Apple Renames iOS Camera App to iSight

As proud iPhone owners, we’ve learned to expect change when it comes to new Apple products, but even we weren’t expecting Apple to change the name of its built in iOS camera app, as the app has held the same Camera name ever since the iPhone’s introduction to the public in 2007. And yet that’s apparently what has happened as Apple has seemingly made the choice to change the Camera name not just on the newly announced iPad, but also on the other iOS devices–the iPhone 4S, and likely the iPhone 5.

Apple Launches New iPad and Announces iSight

March 7th was a very significant day for Apple, as they announced the new iPad and also the new iPad’s features. One of the features that Apple most talked about was the improved camera, which now totals 5 megapixels. This is, of course, still less than the iPhone 4S’ impressive 8 megapixel camera, and likely quite a bit less than the iPhone 5‘s expected camera.

When discussing the camera, Apple’s Phil Schiller talked about the logic behind the new name for the default iOS camera. The camera is now known as iSight, and according to Schiller, “on the back we have a camera, and when that camera gets such great quality and capability that you’re porud to use it as your everyday camera for photographs, we call it an iSight camera. And the new iPad has a great iSight camera.”

Schiller didn’t explain the camera name change for Apple’s other iOS device, the iPhone 4S, as that changed wasn’t announced until later in the afternoon on Apple’s website.


The iSight Name Isn’t New to Apple

Even though the iSight name may seem unfamiliar to many Apple users, it’s actually not new to the brand at all. The iSight name has been used in the past on the built-in webcams for the iMac and MacBook computers; however, Apple seemingly abandoned the name when they began using the FaceTime and FaceTime HD names to refer to their built-in webcams and front-facing iOS device cameras.

However, Apple seems to have changed their mind about leaving behind the iSight name. And with Schiller’s reasoning for the iSight name, it makes sense that Apple would want to adapt the name to all recent and future iOS devices, as they want to show that the iPad and iPhone 4S/5 all come with superb cameras.

iOS Devices Will Retain FaceTime Name

It’s important to distinguish between the rear and front-facing cameras on the iPad, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. From this point on, only the rear-facing camera will be known as iSight, while the front-facing camera will keep the FaceTime title. Many people who initially heard the news about the change incorrectly assumed this meant that FaceTime was no more; however, that is certainly not the case.

Will Other iPad or iPhone Features Be Given a New Name?

The short answer is: it’s possible. However, at this point it’s hard to say what will and will not be changed. It’s possible that Apple may change the names of other built-in apps–such as Music and Photos–to reflect the trademark “beginning with i” names. So these may become iMusic and iPhotos. Who knows for sure, though.

What Do You Think?

Do you like the iSight camera name or do you prefer the old, plainer Camera name? What other apps would you like to see renamed? Leave us a comment below and let your opinion be heard.

2 thoughts on “Apple Renames iOS Camera App to iSight

  1. Curtis

    Isight camera has or another name, all of many people want to know about is how many megapixel. Also some want to know how many pixel video and optics.

  2. Curtis

    Isight camera has or another name, all of many people want to know about is how many megapixel. Also some want to know how many pixel video and optics.


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