Apple TV Gets Upgrade to 512 MB RAM

Apple might have a huge amount of success in the mobile gadgets field, but they’re trying to be successful in another area as well: home entertainment. Although Apple TV has been around for longer than the iPhone, it hasn’t quite taken off. It looks like Apple hopes to change this by offering up a third-generation Apple TV that has more RAM than any of the previous devices.

Just like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 before it, the new Apple TV comes with 512 MB RAM and the A5 system chip. That’s a pretty sizable upgrade from the A4 chip that was found in the second-generation Apple TV. However, it’s important to note that the A5 chip is not the exact same as that which is found in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Instead, this is a single-core processor, so it’s a little bit slower than the dual-core chip found in those other two devices.


Based on a forum member at‘s teardown, the chip looks like it was manufactured just last month. Despite the obvious upgrade in the device’s RAM and chip, the new Apple TV still comes with the same 8 GB flash storage. For those who want to store a lot of TV shows and movies on the device, this may not be quite enough storage. The flash storage, by the way, is manufactured by Toshiba. No word yet on who manufactures the processor chip, though we assume it’s probably Samsung given the fact that they manufacture the new A5X chip found in the iPad 3.

For those who are disappointed in the lack of a dual-core processor and more than 8 GB storage, it’s likely that Apple kept the specs this way because they want to keep the same $99 price point. You can expect better specs for the next Apple TV as the price of the storage and chip components will likely have gone down by that point.

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