iPad Mini Does Exist, But Will It Get Released?

Late last month iPhone5Latest.com reported on the possibility of Apple releasing what is known as a Mini iPad, a significantly smaller iPad than the current 9.7 inch iPad sold in stores. The iPad Mini we reported on was set to be close to 5 inches; however, now we’re hearing that the iPad Mini might actually be only 2 inches smaller than the 9.7 iPad.

So where do we get this information from? Well, it’s from a fairly reliable source: DaringFireball’s John Gruber. He told podcast host Dan Benjamin earlier this week that Apple does have a 7.85 inch iPad in their iPad production labs. They’ve apparently been messing around with the iPad Mini for quite some time, though they haven’t reportedly committed to releasing it, as of yet.


Gruber was quoted as telling Benjamin that “they have one in the lab, a 7.85 inch iPad that runs at 1024×768… it’s just like the 9.7 inch iPad shrunk down a little bit….it’s just the iPad smaller.” The fact that the iPad Mini is in Apple’s labs and is being experimented with means that the device is in the late prototyping stages. That means that Apple is seriously giving the smaller iPad a lot of thought, though as we said, it’s unclear if the iPad Mnii will ever get its release to the public.

To be honest, we could see a release of the iPad Mini going either way. Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO and still a big influence on the company even in death was never a fan of a smaller iPad. However, with Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, it appears that Cook is willing to do things that Jobs wasn’t a fan of himself. So it wouldn’t surprise us if Cook goes against Jobs wishes and releases an iPad Mini.

As for when the new iPad comes out…….if it does get released, our bet is on either a Christmas 2012 or March 2013 release. We shall see, though.

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