iPad Pre-Order Shipment Delays

Those who were lucky enough to successfully submit a pre-order for the iPad prior to the pre-ordered stock selling out expected to receive their new iPad on launch day. However, according to AppleInsider, some people who pre-ordered did not receive their iPad on March 16th as they were promised.

Apple shipped the iPad through FedEx and UPS, two shipment providers they have used in the past to deliver pre-ordered iPhone 4s and iPads to customers. While delays have happened in the past with popular new Apple releases, they haven’t been quite as widespread as the iPad delays.

Some who pre-ordered the iPad reported that it did not reach them until close to 8 PM Friday–which is quite a bit later than the originally promised time of 3 PM. And some iPad pre-order customers will apparently have to wait until today (Saturday) to receive their iPad through FedEx and UPS.


So what’s causing the delays? Well, there’s two things at play here. The first is that the new iPad is obviously in very high demand, as it is the first Apple device to feature 4G LTE technology and the faster A5X chip. The other thing is that the iPad was released on a Friday, which is different than Apple’s normal Wednesday or Thursday release date pattern. As most people know, it’s not uncommon for Friday mail delivery to be delayed, particularly for UPS and FedEx. And since UPS and FexEx don’t typically deliver on Saturdays, it’s surprising that they’re going to in this case.

Even though a half day or full day delay doesn’t sound like much, Apple has the goal and habit of pleasing its customers, so it’s probable that they will try even harder to avoid the pre-order shipment delay in the future with their new iPhone.

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