iPad Reportedly Isn’t That Hot

One thing that has had people buzzing about the iPad as of late is the supposed overheating problems with the device. Apple has come out and publicly said that there are not overheating problems with the device; however, members of several Apple-related forums have said that overheating on the iPad (also referred to as heatgate) does, in fact, exist. However, it looks like PCWorld is backing Apple on this one.

According to an article published by PCWorld this week, the iPad’s temperature is actually pretty much comparable to other tablets, such as those offered with the Android OS installed. PCWorld is basing this opinion–that will no doubt be somewhat controversial given the complaints of the overheating iPad as of late–on some tests they did with the iPad, iPad 2, and a couple of Android tablets: the popular Samsung Galaxy TAb 10.1 LTE and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, both of which happen to be 10.1″ tablets.


What PCWorld found is that the new iPad hit a top temperature of 97 degrees Fahrenheit after one hour of playing a game on battery power, while the iPad 2 was at roughly 89 degrees Fahrenheit for the same period of time. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer was at 91 degrees under the same conditions, while the Samsung Galaxy10.1 LTE was at 98 degrees. Temperatures under less strenuous circumstances were a bit cooler for all four devices.

As you’ll note, the new iPad is considerably hotter than the iPad 2. That’s to be expected given the higher power consuming 4g LTE and Retina display. What is surprising is that, in PCWorld’s testing, the iPad only hits 97 degrees, which is considerably less than the 116 degrees that Consumer Reports mentioned in their report last week on the new iPad.

It’s worth mentioning that PCWorld’s testing may not be completely valid in that the new iPad is being compared to devices that are 0.4 inches bigger than the iPad. It’s completely logical that these devices would be a little hotter because of their massive screen size, so to say that the new iPad is only as hot as these Android devices doesn’t really add too much strength to Apple’s argument that the new iPad doesn’t get too hot.

And, of course, it’s always possible that there are some new iPads out there that are defective and overheat, while the one that PCWorld tested might be completely fine.

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