iPhone 5 Capable Of Opening Doors For T-Mobile

One of the largest carriers in the United States, T-Mobile is of the opinion that the iPhone 5 might be the device that will make its debut on their network. It should be noted that T-Mobile is yet to get the iPhone range of devices on-board its network and quite visibly, is losing out on a lot of iPhone users. But, the latest reports state that the iPhone 5 is having a chipset that will be compatible with the proprietary network of T-Mobile. This might be real good news for T-Mobile.

iPhone 5 to support AWS network on T-MobileiPhone 5

T-Mobile uses a unique spectrum band which is called as AWS. Apple has so far left out T-Mobile in all its iPhone devices. It seems that the device is supposed to have some kind of support for the unique band of spectrum that T-Mobile is operating on. Chief Technology Officer, Neville Ray claims that the technical hurdles that were preventing the iPhone to operate on T-Mobile’s network are no more a threat and the iPhone 5 will be very capable on running on their network.

The last iteration of iPhone, iPhone 4S made its debut  on all the three major national carriers. T-Mobile has been left hanging to dry all this while. Not that T-Mobile is not willing to have the iPhone 5 onboard, in fact they have displayed their willingness to get the iPhone on their network more than once.

iPhone 5 on T-Mobile? Apple’s Decision!

Although Ray was pretty sure looking at the roadmaps of the iPhone 5 chipset that the iPhone 5 will be able to run on T-Mobile’s network, he was still cautious and expressed that the decision lies with Apple and they may very well choose to ignore them. Another issue to consider is that the iPhone 5 might work on the next gen LTE networks. T-Mobile is not equipped with LTE support, but the other carriers also don’t support LTE at the moment. But T-Mobile’s spectrum shortage is widely known and accommodating 4G connections can be a problem for them.

But it would be in the consumers best interest that the iPhone 5 supports T-Mobile as a carrier. It would save the consumers a lot of hassles that they have to go through when they have to switch to an iPhone friendly carrier.

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