iPhone is Owned By Lots of High School Kids, Survey Says

The iPhone has never been the cheapest phone to own, with each model generally retailing between $99-$399 with a two-year contract agreement…so it’s a bit surprising that iPhone owners are spread out across many different income levels. It’s even more surprising that apparently a lot of high schoolers own an iPhone. Yet that’s exactly what a recent survey tells us.

According to Piper Jaffey surveyer Gene Munster, of 5,600 students he surveyed this spring, a whopping 34% of these students owned an iPhone. Not only that, but another 40% of the non-iPhone owning students said that they plan on getting the device within the next six months.

Both numbers are higher than previous surveys that Munster recorded. Back in the Fall of 2011, the percentage of high schoolers who owned an iPhone stood at 23% and the percentage of those who planned on buying the device within six months was at 38%. That means 11% more high schoolers have purchased the iconic Apple device over the last six months.


So what’s to blame for the dramatic increase? Well, there’s two factors at play here. The first is the availability of the iPhone. With the iPhone 4S, the iPhone is now available on all three U.S. cellular networks, which means students who are on their parents’ Sprint plan were able to switch to the iPhone.

The second thing at play here is that the iPhone is getting cheaper to own. Previously an iPhone would cost at least $99, even if it was used or very old; now the cheapest iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, costs less than a dollar with a two year contract. The iPhone 4 can now be had for between $49-$99. That means many students who previously could not afford to own an iPhone now can.

One thing to consider is that this number should only continue to rise in the future. It’s clear that the iPhone is considered to be one of the most desirable smartphones in the world, if not the most desirable. High schoolers who want to have the most popular items will continue to choose the iPhone when given the choice. And with the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, it’s likely that the ownership percentage could double within a year.

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