iPhone Passcode Easier to Crack Than Most Think

When you pick up your new iPhone, one of the first things most of us do is to set up a passcode for the device. Setting up a iPhone passcode is recommended as it protects the iPhone from being accessed by unauthorized individuals (i.e. everyone except for the person who owns the iPhone). Or at least that’s what most people thought. As it turns out, though, the iPhone Passcode is much easier to crack than anyone thought.

Those who were hoping that a iPhone passcode would make the device from the prying eyes of the law will be unpleasantly surprised to hear that’s definitely not the case, according to a video posted a few days ago by Micro Systemation, a Sweden company that sells cracking tools to law enforcement and the military–including one that makes recovering the iPhone passcode a snap.


The video, which can be found here, shows that passcodes can be easily uncovered by using the XRY software provided by Micro Systemation. In the video, cracking requires launching the XRY software, plugging the iPhone into the computer, turning off the device, and following the directions on the program to have all data from the device–including the passcode and GPS location–dumped on the computer. With the passcode, all data on the device can then be accessed by the hacker.

The idea of law enforcement and the military having access to this very powerful tool isn’t that troubling, but the idea of hackers potentially being able to use the tool is. If a non-law enforcement or military member were to get a hold of this tool and use it to, say, steal credit card numbers or other sensitive data from the iPhone, it would be very concerning as the iPhone is one of the most stolen devices, so there’s a lot of sensitive data that could be stolen.

Micro Systemation, for their part, appears to be strict in who they sell their tool to, so hopefully it doesn’t fall into the eager hands of hackers.

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