iPhoto Is Big Seller for Apple In First 10 Days

Over the past few years, Apple has ported several of their popular Mac software programs to the iPhone and iPad. Renowned programs such as Garage Band, iMovie, and Pages. The latest to join the ranks of Apple iOS ports is iPhoto–and it looks like releasing iPhoto on the iOS platform was an excellent decision by Apple.

In an announcement to the Loop today, Apple said that the iPhoto app has enjoyed massive success since its release 10 day ago. The app, which runs on the iPad and iPhone 4 or later, is said to have sold roughly 1 million copies. Given the app’s hefty $5 price, that’s a very impressive number.


So what’s the secret to the app’s success? It’s certainly not very high ratings, as the iPhoto app only has a 3.5 stars average rating on the App Store, with some users dismissing the app as being too basic. And it’s certainly not the app’s aforementioned price, as many comparable photography apps cost $0.99-$1.99–if they’re not free.

What’s helping iPhoto to sell so well is that 1. it’s an Apple product, so it enjoys a lot of promotion in the App Store and 2. the app runs pretty well on the newly released iPad. With several million new iPad buyers in the past week, it makes sense that at least a fraction of them would download the iPhoto app to use with their 5 MP iPad camera.

It also helps that many Mac iPhoto users have been waiting for months (if not years) for Apple to finally bring the popular program to their iPhone or iPad. Now that it’s been released, most are anxious to try it out.

iPhoto for iOS can handle photos up to 19 megapixels and also comes with multi-touch editing, brushes, and photo journals, among other features.

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