Is Wi-Fi Reception Worse on New iPad?

It’s more bad possible news for Apple. We’ve already been hearing rumors of iPad display discoloration and overheating issues–both of which Apple has denied so far. But as it turns out, those may not be the only problems with the new iPad, as some users are reporting problems with their iPad’s Wi-Fi reception.

As with the other complaints this week about the display and overheating problems, iPad owners have taken to the official Apple discussion community with this latest issue. Apple community user stlsteve started a thread about poor Wi-Fi reception and posted that, “The laptop wifi reception is as strong as it gets, but the iPad only registers a week signal.”  Another poster, going by the name grubbi, posted that his new iPad couldn’t pick up a signal that his original iPad–right next to him–picked up without issue.


Other new iPad owners chimed in that their iPad 2 had twice the Wi-Fi range with the same settings as the new iPad, and that the new iPad couldn’t hold Wi-Fi for “more than a few minutes.” Some even said that they would return their new iPad because of the problems.

Is the problem widespread or just occurring in specific defective models? We’re leaning towards the latter at this point because other users in he same thread said that their iPad’s Wi-Fi didn’t function correctly, but that once they exchanged it for another iPad, it worked fine. Apple hasn’t come out with an official statement regarding the matter yet, but as with other problems in the past, we’d expect them to do so soon. And if it’s like the Wi-Fi problems encountered by the original iPad back in 2010, Apple will be fast to release an iOS update to fix the problems.

Until then, iPad users may just have to stay close to their router to ensure a good Wi-Fi connection. No word yet on if 4G LTE users are experiencing the same problem.

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