Location-based Reminders Added to OS X Mountain Lion

When iOS 5 was announced last summer, one of the new features that many people were most excited about was the location-based reminders. Now it appears that Apple has listened to their Mac users and plans to include location-based reminders in the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion release–or at least that’s what the recently released Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 seems to indicate.

According to 9to5mac.com, who obtained a copy of the Mountain Lion Preview 2, this version of OS X, “introduces support for location-based reminders in the Reminders app.” That’s an improvement from the original Developer Preview of Mountain Lion which only supported due date-based reminders in OS X.

iOS owners are probably familiar with how iOS keeps track of the location-based reminders: through Wi-Fi and 3G connection towers. In this case, Mountain Lion keeps track of reminders through the Wi-Fi connection. Whenever you arrive at or leave a specific location (i.e. whenever your device hits the Wi-Fi network or leaves it), you are reminded by the Mac about your previously defined task. This is very handy for those who want to be reminded when they arrived at work, for instance, to do a certain thing.

Mountain Lion

It also appears that reminders can be automatically synced over the air to iOS devices like the iPhone 4S, iPad and the upcoming iPhone 5. For people who live in Mac and iPhone-only households, this is particularly nice as it makes syncing things between the various devices extremely easy.

However, Mac users should not get too excited yet: the Developer Preview may not have all of the same features as the version of Mountain Lion that is released to the public this summer. So it’s possible that if the Reminders feature doesn’t function correctly, Apple may choose to hold off on implementing the feature and save it for the 2013 OS X. However, given Apple’s emphasis on wireless syncing, it’s pretty likely that location-based reminders will be a part of Mountain Lion.

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