Mountain Lion Now Available to Developers

Even though Apple’s OS X Lion just came out last year, the company is already looking ahead to the next version of OS X: Mountain Lion. And while most people will still have to wait a while to get ahold of the new operating system, those who happen to be OS X developers were given a treat today as Apple made the Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 download available.

According to tech site TUAW, the Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 is available only to paid members of Apple’s Mac developer program–but it’s expected that other developers will be given the chance to test out the new OS X sometime in the near future. The new OS X may also be made available to consumers in a Consumer Preview, much like Microsoft is currently doing with their Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

So what’s so different about OS X Mountain Lion as compared to 2011’s OS X Lion release? Well, for starters, OS X Mountain Lion is rumored to be bringing many of the popular iPhone and iPad iOS features like the Notification Center, AirPlay mirroring, Game Center, and Messages to OS X. What’s important to note–especially for those who are worried about OS X merely becoming a glorified version of the iOS–is that the features will be fully integrated such that they work well on the desktop operating system. What that means is that the OS X of old will be left in tact; however, it will now come with some new, fun features.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new OS X Mountain Lion? You might not have to wait much longer as the new OS X is rumored to ship this summer. No word yet on pricing.

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