Siri Usage Is High, Says Research

When the iPhone 4S was announced last Fall, one feature that had many prospective iPhone 4S owners buzzing was the addition of Siri, a voice dictation feature that was said to be more accurate and better than the voice commands built into Android and other phones. Siri was described as being a personal assistant, something that could make the life of iPhone 4S users easier. And despite occasional hiccups with Siri (including a recently announced lawsuit), the feature is actually used be a solid number of people.

Research group Parks Associates conducted a survey with 482 iPhone 4S users to see how many of them make use of Siri on a monthly basis. According to Parks Associates, a staggering 87% of iPhone 4S users make use of at least one Siri feature per month. That’s an impressive number considering the fact that there actually are quite a few iPhone 4S users who either don’t know about Siri or don’t consider it to be a useful feature.


Parks Associates broke down their research further to see what Siri features are most used. Based on their findings, 1/3 of 4S owners use the Siri feature to make phone calls, send text messages (through voice dictation), or perform searches on the web. Roughly 32% of those surveyed said they never used Siri to play music and 35% said they never used the feature to schedule meetings/add appointments to their calendar–which is one Siri feature that Apple toted when introducing Siri to the public.

As for the all important question of Siri customer satisfaction, 55% of the iPhone 4S users who said they use Siri report being satisfied with the feature, while 9% aren’t satisfied. The other 36% are undecided on Siri’s effectiveness and usefulness.

Those who aren’t satisfied–or are undecided–are the same people who have reported problems with Siri failing to correctly understand their queries. It’s likely that as Siri goes from being in beta on the iPhone 4S to being more developed on the iPhone 5, the number of people satisfied with Siri will greatly increase.

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