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Apple Tried to Avoid Courts With Samsung

Despite Apple’s many recent successes, a lot of people have been talking about their pending court cases with Motorola and Samsung, among others. And it appears that these cases–especially those concerning potential copyright infringement–were not really Apple’s first choice for resolving the matter. In fact, according to tech blog the Verge, Apple tried several times back in 2010 to settle things.

Citing a recently discovered Apple court filing, the Verge says that the initial meeting with Samsung was held in July 2010. At the meeting, it is assumed that Apple brought up their concerns about Samsung and their phone’s similarities with the iPhone–and that they attempted to broker some sort of an agreement with Samsung, likely either a monetary compensation or an agreement to stop infringing on the Apple’s alleged copyright.

The initial meeting didn’t work out, though, so Apple met with Samsung at least three more times after that. At each meeting, the two company’s lawyers attempted to resolve the matter without the use of the courts–and as we’ve seen, none of those attempts worked as Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in the courts for several months now.


The court filing states that Apple and Samsung met in August 2010, where Apple’s reps showed Samsung officials where they thought Samsung was using Apple’s patent in their Samsung Galaxy phones.

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs also attempted to work things out with Samsung back in 2010, but he, too, was unsuccessful in getting the two companies to “play nice.”

As a result of the failed attempts to resolve the copyright concerns with Samsung out of court, Apple sued Samsung in April 2011, staying that the some of Samsung’s phones and tablets were too similarto the Apple iPhone and iPad. Samsung filed their own suits and  ever since, the two companies have been at war with lawsuits in several countries.

With all of the lawsuits and appeals, we can’t help but think that perhaps it would have been cheaper for Apple and Samsung to just have settled out of court during one of those four meetings.

Sharp to Start Shipping Retina Display for iPad

Despite record high activations of the new iPad on the AT&T network and tremendous demand for the device, it looks like there might be enough new iPads to go around thanks to ramped up production by Apple and Sharp.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sharp plans to greatly increase production of the Retina display iPad and then ship thedisplay as soon as possible. It’s worth noting that the initial shipment of the iPad did not feature Sharp’s LCD display, but rather one supplied by Samsung. From this point forward, all future versions of the new iPad will come with a display manufactured either by Samsung, Sharp or LG.

A source told the WSJ that the reason why Sharp and LG-made displays weren’t initially used in the iPad was due to “difficulty in customizing the screens according to Apple’s requirement.” This certainly makes sense as Apple has a very high standard for their products and they want to ensure that the display is of a high quality. If the display doesn’t exactly fit their specifications, it’s only natural that they’d hold off until it does.


So what’s the difference between the Samsung, Sharp, and LG displays? We don’t know yet as an iPad featuring a display made by Sharp or LG hasn’t been released as of now. However, with some reports of yellow-colored displays already coming out about the new iPad, we’re thinking that the Sharp and LG displays probably won’t be prone to this problem.

As mentioned, Sharp didn’t give an exact date for when their displays will be used in the new iPad, though we’d expect it to be pretty soon. With the upcoming graduation season as well as summer, the iPad’s sales should only increase and Apple will definitely want to ensure that demand is met by manufacturing as many iPads as possible.

iPhone 5 Processor – Now Made In Texas!

Historically, Apple has the hardware parts manufactured in Asian countries. Probably a wise decision to get the labor intensive work done in Asian countries where cheap labor is available in abundance. But there is a change in mindset for Apple this time and one of the major hardware parts for the iPhone 5 and other iDevices is going to be manufactured in Texas. The A5 processor that is already a part of the iPhone 4S and might be the processor for the iPhone 5 too, is being manufactured in Austin, Texas state.

iPhone 5 to feature the A5?iPhone 5

Although there have been many speculations that the iPhone 5 might feature the next in line Apple processor, the A6; there is a very small chance of it. Looking at the production of the A5 going in full swing at the Texas factory, these are only indications that the iPhone 5 will be featuring the A5.

Since the last depression in the year 2007, United States was never able to regain its past depression status. With the spending power of the citizens getting lower by the day and rampant unemployment scenarios everywhere, it is time major companies like Apple generate some employment opportunities in the States.

iPhone 5 processor manufactured by Samsung

Another interesting thing to mention here is that the factory manufacturing iPhone 5 processor in Texas is being operated by none other than Samsung. Although both the companies are embroiled into legal lawsuits every now and then, they seem to have some kind of business going on after all. Of course neither Apple nor Samsung would comment on this matter. When asked about the Austin factory, Apple gave a “no comments” citing it is not “polite” to reveal supplier information. Samsung was on the same page as Apple and didn’t reveal anything maintaining the sanctity of their agreement.

Well, Apple has not come out with any information regarding what processor the iPhone 5 might have. But looking at the current A5 production rate, it is quite possible that the iPhone 5 will have the A5.