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iPhone 5 To Face Stiff Competition From Android Devices!

Android operating system is evolving every minute and with the Open source nature of the operating system, it will only get better as time passes. The iPhone 5 on the other hand is a much awaited next iPhone from Apple. The expectations from the iPhone 5 are very high and for the iPhone 5 to stay in lead in the Smartphone market, they will have to come up with a killer device to claim the top spot. Let us ponder on what kind of competition is in store for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 has Android as the biggest competitoriPad 3

Google’s Android operating system has come off age and is not just another operating system anymore. It is a force to reckon with. Gingerbread aka Android 3.0 was a very well optimized Operating system and now we have the Ice Cream sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich is a huge leap from the preceding Android operating systems. It has garnered rave reviews from all quarters. The iOS 5 that will feature in the iPhone 5 also looks promising with more than 200 new features.

With Google’s backing, there is very little doubt that the Android project will be a failure. With each iteration of the operating system there were some major achievements. Android has come a long way from its Éclair (Android 1.6) day’s.

iPhone 5 competitor – Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

In fact, we have Ice Cream Sandwich already making its debut with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The sneak peeks of the Nexus looks promising and some of the features of the Ice cream Sandwich are simply fabulous. The Nexus has attractive looks, it has an easy to use interface and the operating system is less buggy. Face unlock is the feature that is the most noticeable. You can use your face to unlock the phone, sounds futuristic? It is realistic.

iPhone 5 is slated to release in Q4 2012 and with Android 4.0 powered phones already surfacing, there is a very good chance that many Smartphone users might choose these Android devices. But then iPhone 5 is a highly anticipated phone and it is built from the ground up. The iPhone 4s was simply a rehashed iPhone 4. iPhone 5 was recently announced as the most searched keyword on Google.