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iPhone 5 Super Competitor : Windows Superphone

With a recent feature on the Samsung Galaxy SIII on iPhone5latest.com, we had anticipated the Galaxy Smartphone to be the only competitor for the iPhone 5 after Google’s Nexus phone. But here we have another big player in the fray for supremacy in the Smartphone market, Windows. Although Windows Mobile  share in the Smartphone market is minuscule, with the latest avatar of Windows Mobile “Mango” coming out; the Smartphone market might be in for some major shuffling.

iPhone 5 Windows competitor called “Superphone”iPhone 5

Windows Mobile “Mango” version was released back in October, 2011. We already have few Mango based devices in the market from Samsung, HTC and Nokia. The general consensus on Mango has been positive and the reviews have been favorable from all quarters. 2012 lineup of Windows Mobile Devices  looks promising and they are termed “Superphones”. This might sound like a gimmick from Windows to create its own niche in the Smartphone market but with all due credit, the sound of a “Superphone” is quite good.

iPhone 5 will be coming out with some outstanding features and some major power in terms of hardware. To compete with iPhone 5, we have Windows Superphones.  Telegraph reports that although there is no definition for the word Superphone, the phones tagged with this word will feature high resolution screens and super fast processors topped with 4G connections. The iPhone 5 is expected to come with almost everything that the Superphone has.

iPhone 5 should be wary of competition?

iPhone 5 already has some big time competition lined up for 2012. But then, this is not the first time we are talking about an “iPhone killer”. There have been numerous failed attempts at outdoing the iPhone previously. This would be the case for the iPhone 5 too, but only time will tell if the iPhone 5 will be able to sail over the tide of completion or will it have to make way for some “Superphone”.