Verizon and AT&T Sell the Most Apple iPhones

Since the original Apple iPhone’s release way back in 2007, tens of millions of iPhones have been sold all over the world. Although we’ve always known the rough sales number for each iPhone, ranging from the iPhone 3G to last year’s iPhone 4S, we haven’t really heard too much about what stores sell the largest amount of iPhones…until now.

That’s because the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) group has collected enough data to determine who’s selling the most iPhones–and some of the data is surprising. According to CIRP, AT&T is the leader with an estimated 32% of all iPhone sales coming from AT&T stores.

And despite only offering an iPhone since 2011, Verizon already accounts for 30% of iPhone sales. It’s not really that surprising that the two largest cell phone carriers are selling so many iPhones, but it is surprising that one retailer is selling nearly as many iPhones as the official Apple Store.


According to CIRP, Best Buy is now selling 13% of all iPhones, as compared with the 15% of iPhones sold by the Apple Store. Sprint, which began selling iPhones last year, now makes up 7% of iPhone sales. Other retailers, such as Walmart and Target, make up just 3% of iPhone sales.

What’s interesting about the Best Buy vs. Apple Store data in particular is that Best Buy has generally had a very limited amount of iPhones available during launch, while the Apple Store typically has the largest amount of iPhones available. And even after launch, it’s usually much easier to find iPhone at the Apple Store than it is to find it at a retailer like Best Buy. So it’s very surprising that Best Buy is just about matching Apple in terms of sales–and we expect that things will get even more interesting once the iPhone 5 hits stores this summer or fall. Perhaps Best Buy will overtake the Apple Store with regards to sales?

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