Walmart iPad Buyers Limited to Specific Models

Given Apple’s history of generally having iPad launches limited to the Apple Store and Verizon/AT&T, as well as the huge demand for the new iPad, it was a bit surprising to hear that the iPad would be available at Walmart at launch time this year. Of course, as with most pleasant surprises, there’s always a catch: and now we know just what it was in this case.

iPad buyers who choose to pick up the new iPad at their local Walmart will find that their choice is a bit limited. That’s because Apple seems to be keeping the 64 GB Wi-Fi model to themselves as it’s only available through the Apple Store. Not only that, but the AT&T 4G LTE and Verizon 4G LTE versions of the iPad also cannot be purchased at Walmart as of yet (although this may change in the future as more iPads are manufactured).


Walmart iPad buyers can, however, purchase either the 16 GB or 32GB Wi-Fi only models from the retail giant. It’s not known yet if Walmart is selling either the White or Black version of the iPad, although given the history of Walmart selling other Apple products at launch, it’s not likely that Walmart will have many, if any, White iPads available.

No one knows at this point how many iPads were made available at launch to Walmart stores, although, again, given the iPad’s massive pre-order success, we think that the stock was probably pretty limited. If you’re hoping to score an iPad from your local Walmart, it’s a good idea to call ahead before you make the trip there as it’s likely that the new iPad will (or already has) sell out.

For those who missed out on pre-ordering or picking up the new iPad from an Apple Store or Walmart, there’s a long wait of 4-5 weeks before the iPad will be back in stock.

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