What The New iPhone Unibody Design Means For You

After Thursday’s article about the new iPhone possibly being the “largest product cycle upgrade,” many users have been asking about one feature in particular that was mentioned in that article: the unibody design. As we pointed out, the talk of a unibody design is certainly not new, as the rumor has been floating around ever since the iPhone 4 was nearing its release. However, prior to now, we didn’t hear many analysts mentioning it. Now that we have heard a high profile analyst talk about the new iPhone having a unibody design, it’s worth discussing what unibody is, why it’s useful, and just what it means to the perspective iPhone 5 buyer: you.

What Is Unibody?

Although it may sound new, the word “unibody” has been around for a while. It’s defined as being a “one-piece frame and bodystructure.” Generally the word is used to describe vehicles that fit that description; however, in recent years, it’s been mentioned when discussing new smartphones, like the upcoming new iPhone. In the case of the new iPhone, a unibody iPhone would mean that the entire device is one piece. Not only that, but it would, in theory, enable Apple to stretch out the screen of the iPhone 5 without making the new iPhone itself any bigger in terms of form factor. See the image below for what the unibody iPhone 5 may look like.

new iPhone

Why Unibody Is Useful

The idea of having a new iPhone that is one piece might not sound good to some people (primarily those interested in taking the next iPhone apart) but it’s actually a good thing for a couple of reasons. The first is that, with a one piece design–especially one that’s aluminum or metal–the new iPhone should be more durable. As anyone who’s dropped an iPhone or similar device knows, the phone usually breaks apart wherever one piece is connected to another. That wouldn’t happen with a unibody iPhone 5.

Second, unibody is useful because it will allow for a bigger new iPhone screen without making the device bulkier or significantly longer. For space conscientious iPhone users who want a bigger display, this is a big deal.

What The Unibody iPhone Means For You

If the new iPhone does come with the unibody display, it means you can look forward to a more durable iPhone. It also means that you can expect the new iPhone to look much different when compared with the iPhone 4S. Lastly, it means you can expect a device that feels different–though perhaps better–in your hands.

So what’s your thought, readers? Are you excited for a possible unibody new iPhone? Leave us a comment below and make your opinion heard.

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